Design and Implementation of Software


For over 10 years, Reykjavík University School of Computer Science, has offered a course called Hönnun og smíði hugbúnaðar or Design and implementation of software. This is an advanced course covering how to design and build enterprise software. The textbook is Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.

The main objective of the course is to show how to design and architect software enterprise solutions. The focus is on layered Internet systems with web interfaces. The course covers how to build flexible system that are easy to adapt and maintain. To realize this, the focus is on architecture and module design. Options facing architects and how to recognize important key design goals is covered. Many known design patterns are discussed and evaluated. Topics like performance and scalability of enterprise solutions are also covered.

The lectures, from the Fall term 2013 course:

Lecture L01 Enterprise Application Architecture

Lecture L02 Software Design

Lecture L03 Design Patterns

Lecture L04 Base Patterns

Lecture L05 Frameworks

Lecture L06 Process Design

Lecture L07 Organizing Domain Logic

Lecture L08 Data Source Layer 

Lecture L09 The Behavioural Problem

Lecture L10 Web Programming

Lecture L11 Application Architecure

Lecture L12 Concurrency Programming

Lecture L13 Session State and Distribution Strategies

Flicker Image in the picture above by Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi

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