Technology Resources

Where can you find good sources for analyzing trends and current technical development? There are several resources on-line that are recommended. Here are the resources that I find most helpful, randomly listed:

Google News: – Very powerful news search. For specific topics, you can create alerts and have news sent to you when they are published.

Economist: – This is probably the best new converge of technology trends. By analyzing what is behind the technology, the Economist usually has some very insightful articles. Check out Technology Quarterly. I usually find the Business section most useful for technology trends.

NY Times: – One of the best new converge of technology and trends. John Markoff usually has some interesting stories.

Businessweek: – Good technology coverage. Businessweek Online is one of the best business sources for technology.

ZDNet technology News: – Lots of tech news.

CNet News: – Quality news site. Cover trends and devices. Lots of technology reviews.

Wikipedia: – The free encyclopædia is a very powerful and growing source of information. Many teachers don’t accept Wikipedia as a source, but they don’t understand social crowdsourcing.

Encyclopædia Britannica Online: – The one and only Britannica.

Technology Review: – Excellent source on new a emerging technologies. You can get lost in this place, there are so many good articles.

Business 2.0: – Business and technology news from Business 2.0 magazine.

Wired: – coverage of current and future trends in technology, as well as anything else.

Guardian: – Good coverage of tech. They also have a good podcast, Tech Weekly.

Silicon Allay Insider: – Part of Business Insider, the SAI covers the technology industry.

Fast Company: – Coverage of technology and design.

TED: – Inspiring and high-quality lectures of various topics.

TechCrunch: – Pretty active site. If something is happening, these guys have it.

ReadWriteWeb: – Very insightful source.

Ars Technica: – Quality new source.

Engadet: – If the gadget exists, they will have covered it.

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