Lecture L13 Session State and Distribution Strategies


One of the most critical design decisions on enterprise programming is where to keep the state. As we talked about in the lecture on Concurrency, session state is the state that is maintained between requests. A session starts when the user first hits the enterprise system, and lasts until the user signs out or times out. In this lecture we look at the session state and explore three design patterns on where to store the session state.

The second topic in this lecture is how to distribution the applications. The primary reason we want to do that is to get more performance and handle more load. Most enterprise applications have lots of users, some hundreds of thousands. The only way to cope with such load is to scale the application. Scalability is how much more load an application can take if more resources are added. We will look at two ways to scale, one is by load balancing and the other by clustering.


Video, Part 1:

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