Windows for work – Mac for fun

Maybe it’s another confirmation of the iPod affect: the Mac is turning into a consumer product. Interesting trends from the facesærch blog show that people are searching for Apple in the evening and on weekends but during the work week, they are searching Microsoft and Linux.

Apple = weekend fun, Microsoft & Linux = work

Not exactly scientific study and should be taken by some warranties, but it shows an interesting trend. It could mean that people use Windows and Linux at work and use the Mac at home.  Furthermore, according to this the Mac is gaining market share while Windows is loosing and Linux is not growing as fast as the Mac. This is according to the belief by many that Vista was not so much of a hit as Microsoft would have liked.

The computer is turning into a consumer appliance. This is not unexpected and was seen some time ago. We are seeing the importance of the operating system and powerful “killer apps” become lessen with the browser and the Web becoming the focus of peoples use. Most killer apps of the early PC revolution have become commodities and with the network and open document standards, the OS and closed application become less important. As long as you have a browser you can do what you need.