Animated cartoons, from the old to the new: evolution for the past 100 years

Papers in my New Technology class are about how technology evolves. Some papers examine technology in historic context providing insights into how the technology has changed over the years. Each new invention will bring new types of applications. A good example of this is the art of animated films. The story of the animated cartoon is more than 100 years old and provides many examples of how new technology shapes the industry.

In this paper Eva Rún Michelsen explores the evolution of the technology for making animated films.

Abstract of the paper: This paper is a research project about animated cartoons and their history for the past 100 years. It covers several techniques used in cartoon animation, early creators, early devices and current trends. The focus is on American and European animated cartoons and covers some of the early contributors of cartoon animation like James Stuart Blackton as well as today’s creators like John Lasseter. Examples of famous cartoon characters, short films and full length cartoon animated films are presented but the paper does not cover all animated films on the market today.

Animated cartoons, from the old to the new: evolution  for the past 100 years (PDF file)