Paper: The Future of the Web

After reading 43 papers as part of my New Technology course, it’s time to make some of them available. One interesting topic is the future of the web. Bergur Páll Gylfason wrote a paper on the topic of the semantic web titled, The Future Of The Web – Semantic Web.

From the introduction:

The World Wide Web is getting 22 years old this year and it has gone through a lot of changes. At first it was just documents with text and hyperlinks and then came photos, videos, search engines, social networks and so what comes next? I think the next step is that the web is getting much more Semantic. The Semantic Web is all about connecting data and making it readable by machines, we have all this useful information in different databases all over the world, medical-, Pharmaceutical -, government-, personal information and so much more and none of it is connected. What if we could connect all that information? How would we do it? We use Semantic technologies to connect the data and make machines understand it.

The Future of the Web – Semantic Web