Paper: Will Social Networking Be Everywhere?

Social networking is a hot topic today. With the rise of Facebook and the popularity of Twitter and now Foursquare, interest in social networks and social media has risen. We are just starting to understand the meaning of social networks and the potentials.

Magnús Sigurbjörnsson wrote a paper in my New Technology course about social networks, titled Will Social Networking be Everywhere? An interesting statistics in the paper is that the average user spends 55 minutes on Facebook everyday, which would mean 4% of your life!

From the introduction:

By bringing social networking closer to your real life, your behavior with your friends might become different. With constant updates from your friends of what they are doing, will the social networks slowly ruin your normal social life? Is there an opportunity to implement something into people’s lifestyle? That is something that the largest social networks need to decide. If so, I think that social networking might even end up with becoming everywhere around us. Only of course, if you want it to.

Will Social Networking be Everywhere