A Move in the Right Direction

Betware recently had an interview in eGaming Review magazine where I talk about taking lotteries to the online world of the Internet. Since Betware was founded in 1998 we have always believed that the future of lotteries is the online Internet. Furthermore we believe that the future of the lottery retailer is also online. It doesn’t mean the traditional retailer model is dead yet, it means that new solutions for the retailer will emerge. With standard multi-touch hardware new option emerge with new games.

As the saying goes: “Predicting the future of the Internet is easy: anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will” (Dixon)

This is the future we work with. From simple traditional lottery games like Lotto and Keno, to multiplayer games, to social media and location based solutions and all the new buzzwords. Add to this the new channels like mobile and tablets, big screens and surface computers.

eGaming Review: A Move in the Right Direction