Paper: Biomimicry: Can Nature Teach us about Technology?

One interesting field of study that has emerged is the field of biomimicry. This field looks to nature for solution of human problems. Nature has been working on many problems for a very long time and provided solutions that just work – otherwise they simply would not exist.

Pétur Örn Arnarson, student in my 2011 class of New Technology, researched the concept of biomimicry. His paper provides this information:

The purpose of the report is to introduce and create interest by the reader in the ideology of biomimicry that refers to sustainability by looking to Nature for solutions. In this report the basics of biomimicry are introduced to the reader as well as the history of biomimicry. There will be explanation of biomimicry and examples of how biomimicry can be used to create more sustainable world by looking at Nature as a model, mentor and measure. There is an introduction of the largest institutions in this field and there is an explication of the creator of biomimicry, Janine M. Benyus and her work.

By reading the report, the reader is more likely to understand Nature and how enlightened thinking can help us learn and live in harmony with Nature. 

Paper: Biomimicry