New Technology 2012 Lecture 03 – Technology Innovation Part 1

I finally managed to publish the third lecture video form my New Technology course. Here the topic is about innovations. The question is how does innovation happen? How do people get ideas and how do they solve problems. How do ideas happen?

We have the believe that new ideas come from brilliant inventors that have light bulb moments or an epiphany. Greek scholar Archimedes had a Eureka moment, Newton discovered the theory of gravity when the apple fell on his head, and so on. This idea has been popularized, but the truth is quite different. Most discoveries are based on long evaluation – slow hunches, and collaboration.

In this lecture we look at the complicated web of technology and look at concepts like adjacent possible and serendipity.

The original video that was uploaded to YouTube got blocked within seconds. The reason is that I embedded a short clip from the Movie Apollo 13. The point I was making came from an article in Wall Street Journal, The Genius of the Tinkerer where author Steven Johnson mentions a scene in the movie to emphasize his point.

The clip can be found on YouTube: Apollo 13 (7/11) Movie CLIP – Square Peg in a Round Hole (1995) HD. Copyright works in a mysterious ways.

The slides are here. Check out the YouTube video after slide 9.

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Part 2 is coming soon…