New Technology Paper: Let Me Entertain You?


TV is changing. It may take longer than excepted but the convergence of TV and the Internet is taking place. TV technology is one of the topics in my New Technology course. One student of the 2013 course, Arnþór Snær Sævarsson did research on how TV is changing.

This is the abstract from the paper:

The television set and broadcast television has been the focal point of home entertain- ment for the last 60 years but changes in technology are challenging the status of the device in the home and the business models. In this paper I examine business models, existing paradigms and companies in this space, both incumbent and new players. It seems evident that a disruption is taking place, but what is the nature of it, how are incumbents responding and how will it turn out. My conclusions are that the market is being fragmented but the main disruptions are the web and the ecosystems of the new software driven computing devices. Software stores such as Apple App Store are disrupting the existing paradigm of consumers purchasing their main entertainment access through local television broadcasters, content producers or cable television ac- cess providers. In the new paradigm, content providers sell and deliver their content through their channels (or apps/sites if you will) but the point of access is the web or software stores consumers retrive via the software stores/browsers. The television set as the sole content consumption device of the household is being disrupted by a slew of other content enabled screens. However the television set remains a focal point for the family/household members to share entertaiment. 

Paper is here: Let Me Entertain You?