L01 Enterprise Application Architecture

For over 10 years, Reykjavík University School of Computer Science, has offered a course called Hönnun og smíði hugbúnaðar or Design and implementation of software. This is an advanced course covering how to design and build enterprise software. The textbook is Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.

The first lecture is about Enterprise Application Architecture:

In this first lecture we look at the state of the industry and specifically the post-pc era that follows the digital decade. The PC is not the center anymore and we as architects need to create solution that are long lasting and usable on any device.
Creating software systems is hard. Fortunately, as system architects we have many methods to build upon and in this lecture we will explore those building blocks. We also look at the evolution of software architectures and the importance of service oriented architecture.

The slides:


Part 2:

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