New Technology 2014

The next edition of my New Technology course starts 13th of January 2014. This is a course that I have developed over the last few years. Despite the title, the course is not so much about the latest gadgets, iPhones and iPads, Google or Facebook, but about people and how they behave when using technology. Like previous years, the course is open to anyone, both online and attending lecture. If you decide to follow this course and even participate, here’s what the the 2014 edition will look like.

New Technology 2014 Course Description

I want to change the way my students think about technology. We may take things for granted but the study of technology evolution is actually a fascinating one. So much are we depended on technology that we don’t even realise that our very existence is based on technology. In fact the definition of the term may be a surprise when you start to think about it.

Here is the official trailer for the 2014 edition of the course:

You are welcome to attend any lecture. They are in room M106