New Technology 2015 Just Started

New Technology is a course that is offered at Reykjavík University this spring, starting 12th of January.  The objective of this course is to look at innovations and technology trends, learn from history, and using theories of innovations to see lessons and try to see patterns so we can evaluate new technology currently emerging and interpret the impact. The world is constantly changing. One of the major factors of change is technology. Businesses that have solid business models suddenly find themselves struggling as consumer behavior changes. Applying good management practices may not be enough. Most companies fail because they resist changes and don’t adapt quickly enough to technological disruptions. Technology is what drives businesses, provides growth and new opportunities.

For more information see New Technology Course Description.

In this first lecture the we look at some stories of how technology has disrupted companies and transformed industries. We also look at state of technology now as we are in the second decade of the 21st century.